BetterPonymotes has moved!

As of March 16, 2014, BetterPonymotes has moved to a new domain. We are now located at courtesy of the /r/adery folks. This should not affect any site services.

You're visiting one of BPM's older domain names:


If you were given one of those two links by someone, please yell at them for me.

This change represents a bit of a reality check. Neither I nor BPM itself have had any relationship with MLAS1 for several years now, despite continuing to use their domain due to its familiarity. Though in the past this state of affairs has not particularly bothered me, recent actions lead me to disavow them completely.

My server hosting left their hands a very long time ago, and has since been very graciously provided by /u/derram_2. This fact has not changed. Only the name has.

With love, Typhos.