Several emotes in BetterPonymotes are strongly NSFW in nature, going as far as to be explicitly pornographic. This option does not cover every emote that you might consider questionable- with a handful of difficult exceptions, the emotes it blocks all contain actual genitalia.

BetterPonymotes includes a copy of the Chaos script, a collection of flags and modifiers on emotes. These do things like make emotes spin in multiple dimensions. These can be problematic on some computers.

Note that the 3D spin flags do not work on Opera.

When BetterPonymotes encounters a link that appears to be an emote, but it doesn't know about it, it generates a small placeholder to show you. This can conflict if you have other emote scripts that are converting the emotes, as BPM doesn't know about these. Turn this off if you are having conflict problems.

When BPM encounters an emote you have disabled through any means, it generates a small placeholder. This option turns them off, trying to make them seem to be nonexistent.

If this option is enabled, BPM will hide all emotes by default by minifying them, as if they were disabled.

As the click toggle isn't available globally, this option only works on Reddit.

This option controls the alt-text expander, which displays alt-text on emotes next to the image. When BPM does this, it also replaces the actual alt-text with emote information, including its name and where it comes from.

Enables the global emote converter. BPM will scan every page you visit for text that looks like [](/emote) and attempt to convert it into real emotes.

Shows a small box on every page to bring up the emote search, for use with global emote conversion. You can hold Ctrl down to drag the box around.

When BPM disables an emote and leaves a placeholder, you can click on it to expand it in order to see what it is. Ordinarily, BPM will refuse to do this for NSFW emotes. This option disables that check.

BPM has over 8000 emotes, and some search queries return massive amounts of them, which can freeze your browser. This option imposes a maximum on the number of results you can get. A few hundred is safe and recommended.

Emotes larger than this size will be disabled. This can help if you find some of the more massive emotes in BPM annoying.

Enabled Subreddits

BPM includes emotes from many different subreddits. You may enable or disable them individually to your preference.

Disabled Emotes

Emotes listed here will be blocked.

Whitelisted Emotes

Emotes listed here will be shown, even if they would otherwise not be. This overrides every other option.

Custom Subreddits

BPM can download and apply CSS from specific subreddits. Emotes from them will be handled as if they were built in.

Caveats: BPM tries to remove all non-emote CSS, but its method is not perfect. Any unwanted side-effects are your own responsibility.

The CSS cache is updated on a weekly basis.

Warning: The custom CSS feature is still in progress, and should not be used extensively. There are a number of known bugs.